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eSafely protects you where your Web filter doesn't !
Upgrade Your Family's Online Protection Today !
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eSafely is the only parental controls tool that

  • Works seamlessly with your web browser
  • Applies industry-leading dynamic filtering technology
  • Delivers the power and accuracy of premium Web-filtering solutions, free for use
  • Offers the convenience and simplicity of a browser-side solution

Our Kid Safe Features keep your child
safe online where other solutions fail

How Does eSafely Protect Your Child?

Kid Safe Facebook

Protects your child against threat of cyber bullying by replacing harassing messages with friendly icons in Facebook Chat.

Automatically filters harmful images on Facebook to avoid exposure to adult content.

Kid Safe Images

Neutralizes the risk of your child accidentally browsing to an adult site!

With eSafely enabled, when a site identified as hosting adult content is accessed, the page loads with the images replaced with images more suitable for your little monkey.

Kid Safe YouTube

Makes finding adult content on YouTube like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Forces Safe Mode and disables the option to view 18+ mature rated content on YouTube.

Kid Safe Search

Delivers kid-safe results for searches performed on most major search portals.

Results are delivered through our safe search portal, with adult results filtered out before ever reaching your screen.

See Why More And More Parents Are Choosing eSafely

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With 2-click installation and no configurations needed, keeping your child safe online has never been easier.

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